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Discount Direct is undergoing national expansion, and they need motivated people to take advantage of their tested and proven business model

No matter what a person’s income level, there are certain things they need to buy. Mattresses, furniture, and appliances are prime examples. These are items that are in demand regardless of how the economy is going. Together, the sales of those three necessities represent hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

As a matter of fact, on any given day two out of every ten people are shopping for at least one of these items (often they are looking to buy several at the same time). The market is gigantic.

Now you can earn serious money by tapping into this market, get full training and support in how to do so, and make your own hours.

Discount Direct: A Proven Plan For Entrepreneurs!

Discount Direct is undergoing rapid growth within the mattress, appliance, and furniture space, and it’s easy to see why. Their business model not only allows motivated people to make up to $150K a year working minimal hours, but it also provides significant savings to the consumers as well. It’s a win-win.

Discount Direct’s specialized marketing plan builds advertising around a phone number, instead of an address. As a business owner, that phone number would be yours!

Customers call or text and you then schedule a time to meet at your designated showroom (which the company will guide you on setting up).

If you’re able to talk to people, you can sell these items. You don’t have to be “master persuader”. Again, these are items that people NEED, so they are already primed to buy. When they see the savings that the Discount Direct business model makes possible, you just have to put the deal in front of them.

Not only that…

The average sale per item nets the business owner around $150 per sale. Currently, Discount Direct locations nationwide are averaging 15-30 sales per week. On the LOW end, you're looking at over $2,000 per week.

Discount Direct features brand new products from top brands in the industry. So customers are getting what they need, from brands they know, at great prices. Under their business model, showroom locations square footage is about HALF of what traditional big-box retailers use. The savings in overhead gets passed onto the customer.

As a Discount Direct business owner, you get:

  • To set your own schedule. Finally, experience flexibility when you choose to work!
  • Protected territory. When you claim an area, no other distributor will be allowed to operate where you’re located.
  • A low-cost start-up. Plus, there are no franchise or training fees. ALL of your start-up costs go into the marketing and location of your business.
  • Weekly training & support. Never been in sales before? You’ll be instructed on everything you need to know to make your business work for you. People around the country are already taking the business model and thriving with it.
  • High profit and minimal expenses. The higher price nature of the products you’re selling equal more revenue per sale.
  • Creative and effective marketing. Website, development, social media, a national brand name to work under, top brand products, incentives, and more.

Everything has been set up, tested, and arranged for you.

Unless you absolutely can’t bear the thought of talking to other people and helping them find what they’re already looking for, you can pick up this business model and run.

And you’ll have a hard time finding a market that offers more potential than this one.

Discount Direct plans to be in every market nationally within the next 2 years. If you’re a motivated person who can follow instructions, you might want to get more info on this one while you can.

Everything is in place for the right person to earn an average salary that is way above average without working anywhere near the traditional 40-hour week.

This is the kind of opportunity that doesn't stay listed for long. Between the territory exclusivity and the completely done-for-you plan, Direct Discount is a no-brainer for the entrepreneur is tired of gimmicks and ready to just implement a proven system.

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