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Basement De-watering systems Business Opportunity

A cheap franchise that will have smart homeowners and builders knocking down your door with CASH!

Wet Basements – A Homeowner's Nightmare, Your Chance for Easy $$$

Here’s a nasty reality that most homeowners ignore until it’s too late, at some point during their home’s lifetime they’re going to have water in their basement.

Most homeowners make sure that their roof doesn’t leak but are totally oblivious to the nasty damage that water will do to their basement.

There’s nothing like a flooded basement to wake you up to this nasty reality!

Consider this, most people spend between $1,040 and $3,851 to repair water damage to their house (Homeadivsor, 2017)

That’s exactly why Basement De-Watering Systems is such an awesome opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to cash in on a highly profitable niche market on a part-time or full-time basis.

Basement De-watering systems Business Opportunity

How It Works:

Basement De-Watering Systems is looking for authorized dealers to sell their effective de-watering and waterproofing products & services nationwide. Your local building stores, contractors and handymen are a perfect fit for their innovative solutions.

Real Dry™ is Basement De-Watering Systems' flagship product. This brilliant waterproofing system captures water as it seeps through trouble spots, i.e. at the points between your basement’s floors and walls.

The system channels water away, pumping it out of your home, providing protection from water seepage.

Basement De-watering systems Business Opportunity

Real Dry™ is easy to install, in fact it doesn’t matter if you install it before or after your walls are finished –it will stop water seepage all the same.

The system features attractive design, doesn’t damage or disturb existing concrete floor and doesn’t destroy any landscaping outside your basement walls. Everything is installed inside.

How? Through its proprietary epoxy, which permanently bonds the system to your concrete floor. The epoxy is stronger than conrete and will last for the lifetime of your house.

This means that your customers can now store whatever they want in their basement without fear of water damaging it. They can also turn their basement into a dry, safe living space if they wish.

The Bottom-Line:

Basement De-Watering Systems provides an awesome opportunity for astute entrepreneurs to build up a niche business supplying their local construction industry and building sector.

Trust us... once contractors and homeowners find out about Real Dry™ you’ll be the talk of the town!

If you're looking for a franchise under 10k that you can run in your spare time, and like the construction industry, this is an opportunity you should definitly look into.

Want to become an authorized dealer? Find out more today.

Basement De-Watering Systems Inc. Franchise Reviews

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