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Freedom. Flexibility. Cash Flow.

All this can be yours when you get involved with this unique business opportunity at Freedom With Honor Systems.

The Benefits:

Be your own boss while you make a side income, or start an independent, entrepreneurial career! Make your own schedule, decide how little or how much time you can put in, and then experience the thrill of making money completely on your own.

Other benefits include contributing to charitable organizations and working from the comfort of your own home.

How It Works:

Attention-grabbing vending stations, filled with lollipops, are given to you to place in restaurants, stores and other service-industry storefronts in your local neighborhood. Each vendor station clearly displays the charity that particular box will be contributing to.

A customer will put in as little as 50 cents per lollipop, or as much as they want in exchange for a lollipop. These stations run on an honor system but, since some of the money is donated to charity, people tend to be quite generous and respectful.

The money in these boxes is then collected and kept by you! You donate a portion to the charity and keep the rest; it’s that easy to make cash quick!

Location, Location, Location:

To assist you in placing candy boxes where they will be frequently seen and provide you with the best return, placement specialists set up locations for you. It is, however, your business; you have the final say of the placement for your boxes.

The Fine Print:

This low-maintenance, low-cost business opportunity makes you money QUICK while you go about your usual routine. No more time-consuming hours, or difficult-to-manage details. Here are some of the best reasons to get started today:

  • Simple design: easy for customers to understand. The retro design is both fun and straightforward.
  • Easy to assemble: Boxes are easy to assemble yet durably constructed.
  • Electricity free: No breakdowns and hassle-free maintenance.
  • Fast refills: It takes under five minutes to empty and refill a full station. Then you can get straight back to whatever else you’re doing that day.
  • Versatility: Change the sign, type of candy or any other aspect of the vendor box to suit its location.
  • Lightweight: No heavy lifting for you!
  • Low-inventory cost: At just 1-4 cents per lollipop, you will get a great return when charging 50 cents a lollipop.
  • No time clock: Work your own hours; decide when you want to check your stations or go about your day another way if you don’t have time.
  • Large tray: Holding 300 pieces of candy, you won’t be constantly refilling your vendor boxes.
  • No more boss: Work from anywhere and don’t report to anyone.

Freedom With Honor System FeaturesYou Could…

Earn $1,000.00 a week! Work part-time hours for full-time pay!

Expand to over 1,000 locations.

Make +$75k in just a year, in your first year.

Work 2-4 days a month and make more than you typically would at a part-time job with long hours.

Invest as little as 5K of your own money for a massive return on that investment.

Get Started:

The best part (besides the amazing things listed above)? Freedom With Honor Systems works with you and helps you set realistic goals. Invest an amount you’re comfortable with to get started and make the most money you can, fast.

Contact Freedom With Honor Systems to see how easy it is to get your vendor boxes on their way to you, and discover locations near you where you can start setting up your boxes right away!

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