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Make $$$ Taking Online Orders for Local Businesses

Get your slice of the $395 billion US e-commerce pie...

Build Your Own Local Online Ordering Business – In Any Niche

Order It Apps is one of the top cheap franchises which allows you to setup online ordering for local businesses in any niche. It’s simple, fast and quick. Leverage the power of businesses in your area, by helping them sell their products and services online, and get paid passive income to do it!

How It Works:

We provide you with the technology to setup your own app filled with businesses that people can order goods and services from online, with a few clicks.

What kind of businesses? Anything you like. You can choose and dominate any niche you like.

If your customers already have a website or prefer to do business on Facebook, don’t worry. We can help you add an online ordering option to their existing web presence.

And it’s all white label, Order It Apps brand doesn’t appear anywhere on your app.

  • We handle the technology, security and maintenance of your app, and also provide one-on-one technical assistance and sales training support.
  • We help you provide online ordering to local businesses that don’t have the technology, time and capital to develop their own systems.

Insider Tip: 65% of local small & medium sized businesses don’t have an online ordering option. But nearly 70% of customers order everything from food to building material online. Order It Apps isn’t just an online ordering platform, it’s THE sales channel to bring your local small business into the 21st Century!

We’ll Support You Every Step of the Way:

  • Every business has an interactive product page that features its logo, info, reviews, maps and operating hours.
  • FREE marketing material. We provide you with professional, free to use marketing templates including flyers, contracts and video training.
  • Automated billing. Your customer payments will be directly deposited into your bank account through Stripe.com and PayPal.
  • Your customers can receive orders through multiple channels including a web dashboard, fax, email, SMS or phone notification.

Why You Should Join:

  1. Sign-Up Local Businesses: your customers receive orders through your app (or embedded link).
  2. Customer Self-Catering: or you can let your customers manage their own orders from their own account (and still get paid).
  3. Pocket 100% of Your Sales!: You pay Order It Apps a flat technology fee and get to keep 100% of what you sell.

And the best part is that you can set your own pricing for customers! You can use any pricing structure you want. Be it a once-off setup fee, a monthly subscription or any other structure you like.

Order It Apps is a small business franchise that offers EXCLUSIVE territories. You specify which area you want, and once locked in, that territory will be exclusively designated to you.

The Opportunity:

Remember the old story about the California Gold Rush. Who got rich? The millions of miners who hope to find gold, or the guys selling picks and shovels to those miners?

If you’d rather be the guy selling the picks & shovels, contact us now...

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