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Launch A Carpet Cleaning Business & Be Your Own Boss In A $3.7 Billion Industry

OxyMagic Carpet Cleaning Franchise

Make Money Getting Carpets Back to That “Just Installed” Look With This Non-Toxic & Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning System

Carpet Cleaning Made Easy (Which Equals $$$)

Here’s a low price franchise that provides a service that people not only need but are often disappointed with – namely carpet cleaning. This is why Oxymagic Carpet Cleaning System is not just an awesome business opportunity but also one of those franchises under $10,000 that deserves a second look.

Oxymagic Carpet Cleaning System offers environmentally friendly and pet safe carpet cleaning services that give your client’s carpets that “just installed” look back.

Using it’s certified, non-toxic ( cleaning products and carpet cleaning machine you’ll be delighting your clients and building a profitable business in no time!

How It Works:

Oxymagic Carpet Cleaning System offers you a ‘protected market’ of 400,000 people in your area to develope and grow your client base.

Their focus is on getting you to work on your business not in your business, i.e. building your business to the level where you’ll have staff working for you while you enjoy the profits your business generates.

Oxymagic provides training that will cover every aspect of your low cost franchise, including:

  • How to get your business up and running
  • Advertising/Marketing & Selling yourself
  • Customer Service
  • The actual, complete Oxymagic cleaning system

And it’s in the system where Oxymagic really shines….

The Oxymagic Carpet Cleaning System isn’t just certifiably pet and environment safe... it’s also effective. Its non-toxic ingredients ensure that your client’s carpets are clean, fresh and healthy.

Because the system allows you to clean quickly and without sticky chemicals, carpets dry quicker (in under 1 hour) – which means you can service more clients than the industry standard.

OxyMagic Carpet Cleaning Franchise

What Customers Say About The Oxymagic Carpet Cleaning System:

"I called two other nationwide companies to remove a stain by my back door, and they did nothing. Oxymagic worked with one pass of their machine, it was dry within 40 minutes and the stain didn’t come back!"

- L. Nottingham (Frisco, TX)

The Bottom-Line:

Everybody needs to get their carpets cleaned.

Many residential households are worried about the impact toxic cleaning chemicals can have on their family, pets and environment.

Oxymagic Carpet Cleaning System is super-fast and gives superior results.

Building a small business franchise with superior carpet cleaning has never been so easy! Get the inside scoop today…

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