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FINALLY: Earn TRUE Passive Income By Helping Businesses Monetize Their Guest WiFi. It Doesn’t Get Any Simpler, More In-Demand, Or More Lucrative Than Running Your Own Social WiFi Business!

Once upon a time, it was really unique for a business to offer its customers free internet access.

Not anymore.

Guest Wifi has become the new norm. What coffee shop would be able to succeed without offering their guests free internet?

But while a business has to pay for WiFi service, you can now help them turn it into a profit generating service...

...just by showing up and plugging in a router!

Savvy Wifi - What Businesses Need To Grow

So you know how when you’re connecting to a business’s WiFi, you have to log in first?

With Savvy Wifi, you’ll be providing businesses with a pre-programmed router that captures a guest’s preferred contact/social info before they proceed to the internet.

  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Phone Number for SMS/text

Now the business can send automated specials, deals, promos to their guests to keep them coming back. It’s that easy.

But as easy as it is to implement, Social WiFi Marketing is also an extremely powerful tool for businesses. And this is because it lets them execute 2 critical functions...

  1. Marketing campaigns
  2. View key customer analytics

1. Marketing Campaigns

Once a customer has logged into the Savvy Wifi system, that business can then design enticing promotions that will both retain and grow their clientele.

By using:

  • Integrated text & email marketing
  • A guest feedback and review system
  • Mobile deals that can be created in minutes
  • Social widgets to help grow the business’s followers

...the business will be able to automate campaigns such as birthday promos, so they always stay in the minds of their guests.

2. Analytics

Just as important as offering specials is knowing how those specials are being redeemed. Who are the regular customers? How often are they coming in?

The Savvy WiFi system will provide valuable insights into guest frequency and demographics of the business’s customer base. Then they can segment their clientele and offer the appropriate promos to each group.

All of this just form you coming in and plugging in the Savvy Wifi Router!

This is as close to a “set it and forget it” business model as you will find. Once you’ve done the install...that’s it. The business pays you a recurring monthly fee for the service while you do NOTHING ELSE!!

And in case you’re wondering about the future of this market...

The "WiFi Market" (defined as access points and network services across verticals and regions) is expected to grow from $6 billion to $15.6 billion by 2022 according to Markets and Markets.

Full Training & Support

With Savvy Wifi, you are getting a completely white label business; you represent yourself with your name of choice.

Also, you’ll be provided with full training and support for marketing and selling your service.

Custom Splash Pages

Easily customize splash pages to match business's brand and feel. Add their logo, background images and choose types of login options.

Savvy WiFi builds you your own professional sales website and sales materials. Literally every aspect of running an expert-level and in-demand business has been set up.

You keep 100% of your profits

Pay a small monthly fee to to maintain your tech support and NOTHING else. No commissions on your sales. No limits to your territory. No commitment.

Considering how Social WiFi is trending, this is one of those services that, if not you, someone will end up providing. There’s not a lot of “speculation” here...this is fast becoming a crucial component of how businesses build their customer lists.

The sooner one gets in, the better.

Why not find out a little more?

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