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Create Websites for Local Small Businesses & Make Easy Passive Income - (No Experienced Needed)

An easy ‘point-and-click’ platform that will have you building & selling websites in no time!

Launch Your Own Small Business Web Design Company

Are you interested in a profitable, cheap franchise that you can run from home, on a part-time basis? Then SiteSwan might just be the opportunity you are looking for.

Over 14 million small businesses in the U.S. don’t have their own website. They are looking for an easy, affordable and fast way to get online.

With the SiteSwan platform you can give these local businesses exactly what they’re looking for. Create beautiful, modern websites that are search-engine optimized and mobile friendly with a few clicks.

It’s super easy. You don’t need to be a tech wizard or computer programmer to use SiteSwan. If you know how to use a web browser, you can use this platform!

How It Works:

  1. First you sign-up local businesses using SiteSwan’s proven sales method, training, marketing materials (branded for your business) and Local Prospecting Tool.
  2. Next you create a professional, responsive website using one of SiteSwan's pre-designed themes. An easy point-and-click interface allows you to customize your selected theme in minutes.
  3. In no time you’ll have created a live demo site that allows potential clients to preview their site before they buy.

Here’s the best thing, you get to keep 100% of your revenue and own 100% of your business! SiteSwan simply charges an affordable monthly subscription fee its web design platform.

This means you can set your own plans and prices and get to charge your customers whatever you want. Charge an upfront fee and/or generate residual (passive) income with every site you sell –it’s up to you!

Need a little more info about the revenue potential of this business model?

Here’s an estimate from SiteSwan about the profit potential of this business opportunity:

If you’re looking for a low cost franchise opportunity that has big profit potential, SiteSwan is a good bet.

We’ll Support You Every Step of the Way:

You don’t have to be a computer major or designer to take advantage of this opportunity. If you’re looking for franchises under 10K then pay attention:

SiteSwan has created an easy to use business model and web design builder that anyone can use to setup their own web design business for local businesses.

SiteSwan provides you with everything to get your business started:

  • Branded Marketing Website (100% White Label): your website and business will be setup on your own domain and under your own brand name.
  • Responsive Website Builder: use our super simple editor and professional themes to create breathtaking websites in minutes.
  • E-Commerce Integration: offer e-commerce integration to your clients so that they can securely sell and accept payments on their website.
  • (NEW!) Local Prospecting Tool: use this amazing tool to quickly find new leads near you.
  • Marketing Materials: pre-designed sales and marketing materials you can use to promote your business.

We also provide sales training and much, much more!

The Opportunity:

It’s never been easier to start your own web design business and be your own boss -with no technical or design experience needed!

Help local business get awesome websites, setup e-commerce integration in a few clicks and create passive income for yourself.

What are you waiting for? SiteSwan is one of those amazing franchises under $5K you don’t see every day. Contact us now and get started today!

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