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SSR - Sprayless Scratch Repair - Shiny Car Example

SSR - Sprayless Scratch Repair Business Opportunity

Do you live and breathe cars? If you deal cars for a living, oversee rental or fleet management companies or are just passionate about cars, this opportunity is for you.

SSR Sprayless Scratch Repair offers the chance for you to have a highly profitable, incremental income stream to implement your existing business. Start up quickly, effectively and easily with all the necessary tools you need to become part of the largest network of after-market car care providers in the world.

About SSR

SSR - Sprayless Scratch Repair - Established 1989, 4 Year Guarantee

SSR Sprayless Scratch Repair leads the industry in cosmetic appearance service contracts offered by automotive dealerships in the US.

The SSR patented "Sprayless" process is more than 18 years proven, with both automobile dealerships and retail customers relying on SSR for expert chips and scratches in car’s paint. The system is guaranteed to not power-wash out or fall off, fix any blemishes in automobile paint almost instantly, without ever spraying!

SSR Sprayless technology is a patented system that:

  • Is environmentally friendly: Other paint repair techniques that require spray emit harmful toxins and chemicals into the air and the surrounding environment.
  • Is quick and effective: Spray techniques require lengthy drying times, while SSR’s system is fast and does not have long dry times.
  • Is easy to use: Using spray car paint repair systems can require skill and precision to look great - not SSR.
  • Is clean to apply: No more messy sprays to repair nicks and scratches in car’s paint.

SSR - Sprayless Scratch Repair - Person polishing car

The Ideal Candidate

The perfect candidates for SSR Sprayless Scratch Repair are owners and entrepreneurs with a vision for producing a stronger, high-quality repair business. If you are looking to build and strengthen relationships in the always-booming automobile industry, this is the perfect position for you.

Having 10k of liquid capital and being willing to make a full-time commitment are essential for this opportunity.

What Other Entrepreneurs Say About SSR:

I was working in the construction industry as a structural steel and concrete consultant. It was a very time-consuming business and I wasn’t very involved with my two sons. I decided to get out of that industry and try something new.

I found Sprayless Scratch Repair and thought it might be a good opportunity to make good money and regain control of my life. I have been doing SSR work since January, 2010 and it’s changed my life totally.

I’m much happier and SSR has made it possible for me work with one of my sons (who is also an SSR rep) and to have fun with them both and we spend lots of time together. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

-Paul Tate – Austin, TX

Get Started!

Request information and apply to get licensed in SSR Sprayless Scratch Repair today to start earning as much as $100,000 per year.

It’s trusted by such brands as BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Ford, GM, Hyundai, Infiniti, Kia, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Lexus and more and available throughout the United States.

Add thousands of dollars to your revenue stream as an existing business or begin a startup of your own. With no previous experience, you can even double your income!

Instantly make money the fast, easy and reliably; the automotive industry is always profitable, after all. Get a piece of this opportunity before it is too late.

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