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A Low-Cost, Easy Business Opportunity with Universal Appeal

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When trying to decide on a business opportunity, it’s customary to spend some time doing the necessary market analysis. Determining WHO your target market is can take some research.

This opportunity is different.

Your market, for this amazing product, is every person in your city that has a bedroom. You're going to solve a problem for them, and they're going to pay you well for it. Here's a crazy question. What if rainbows disappeared... would anyone notice? Well guess what? The dazzling starry night sky has all but completely disappeared for people living in the cities, and the people want them back.

StarScapes - a business opportunity like nothing you've ever seen before.

Remember your kids' glowing star stickers? This is the adult version even NASA enjoys. Imagine the excitement when your happy customers lie down at night and flip a switch, their ceiling magically disappears, and they are now stargazing up into the beautiful starry night sky searching for constellations and shooting stars.

Stargazing is primal. Instinctive. It's in our DNA to feel a sense of awe and inspiration when looking out into the brilliant night sky. From the massive popularity of TV shows like "Ancient Aliens" to major retail stores selling NASA T-shirts, people's infatuation with space has never been stronger. You'll be a hero. When the lights to the room are on, the ceiling looks normal. When the room lights are turned off and the room is dark, the stars come out to play. Thousands of them, along with constellations, the milky way, nebulae and meteors. It's relaxing, stress-relieving, awe-inspiring, romantic, and educational.

STARSCAPES is an incredible illusion you'll create in about an hour or two without moving furniture or prepping the room. Using only two teaspoons of the invisible paint per room, you'll easily transform every boring ceiling into an astounding cosmic masterpiece. Absolutely no experience is necessary to learn this trade. With STARSCAPES, you'll become a master artist-illusionist creating dazzling cosmic murals in both residential AND commercial hotel and motel rooms. You can create various sized small ones right above the bed as shown in the picture to full ceilings and even walls.

You'll need absolutely NO experience with magic, astronomy, painting or interior design. All the special tools, equipment, and know how will be provided for you... ready to go.

I booked $5,000 in business just showing the Amazing Cosmic Portal Poster!

- Eric S.

StarScapes uses a special proprietary painting technique. But the way the system is set up, anyone can learn to become an artist. This technique allows you to turn ANY room's ceiling into what appears to be a glass window to the stars!

At first, creating elaborate and astronomically-correct murals might sound a bit out of your league. But the business model has addressed this thoroughly. Creating these brilliant ceiling displays is easy, fun, and usually done in the span of a few hours.

With StarScapes there's NO...

  • Need to use big plastic covers - StarScapes special, easy to learn technique makes for no mess and no cleanup.
  • Special equipment skills - if you can use a step ladder you're good to go!
  • Cheap, corny looking materials - StarScapes is not like those little stickers you used to stick to your ceiling. You are creating 3d illusions. You learn how to use a special phosphorescent paint that is NOT available to the public. You have to see it to believe it.
  • Need to be some fantastic salesperson - people's expectations get blown away when they see this technology for themselves. You'll get a free sample to demonstrate what words can't.
  • Upsells - the StarBiz package includes everything you need for your business. Tools, sample brochures, business manual, DVDs, all materials... it's a "business in a box"! No upsells, no franchise fees, no royalties.
  • Special physical ability necessary - there are currently people in their 70s, and one in his 80s, working as StarScapes illusionists!
  • Altering the daily appearance of rooms - by day the murals are invisible and the room looks just like it always has.

Backed by Science and Time

The awe-inspiring experience of stargazing lowers stress.

- University of Calif. Berkeley study

There are plenty of studies showing the health benefits of stargazing. Reducing stress is a huge focus in the growing field of preventative healthcare. StarScapes ceiling murals are so realistic it looks like you're lying right under the stars. You’re doing much more than just creating stunning visuals-you’re selling tranquility.

Aside from the sheer beauty, StarScapes:

  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces stress and induces relaxation
  • Supports meditative alpha brainwave states

StarScapes has been in business since 1991 - this isn't some new gimmick. You are getting a business opportunity that has proven appeal, demand, and potential.

Top class airline Emirates uses star murals on their cabin ceilings to provide the most relaxing flying experience. You will be offering people the same luxury every night!

Try it out for FREE

StarScapes offers a 100% money back guarantee. If you're not blown away by this business opportunity, you lose nothing. You can get started, with EVERYTHING you need, for under $3000.

Work when you want. Make great money. Make people happy and healthy.

StarScapes is a home-based business opportunity with galactic potential!

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