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If only you knew about this opportunity sooner...

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Let’s face it; the internet has made starting your own business easier than any other period in history.

With that said…

There’s a good chance you’ve already stuck your entrepreneurial toe into the ocean of online self-employment. Maybe you did some freelancing on the side, only to realize that dealing with nagging clients didn’t quite provide the freedom you were expecting (or the money!).

While the internet provides endless opportunity, there is always some price you have to pay.

The “Big 2: Time and Money”

As a business owner, you will constantly have to make decisions that require you to spend either your money or your time to get going. There is no getting around it. Sweep Surge offers you a low cost opportunity that has been specially designed to save unbelievable amounts of both of these crucial commodities. Everything is ready to go. You just pick it up and run with it!

So what is this amazing opportunity?

With Sweep Surge, you are helping local businesses attract more customers by running sweepstakes through text, email, and Instagram. It’s really as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1 - License

1. License Sweep Surge Products

Sweep Surge provides you with 3 super-relevant marketing products AND your own professional website. Everything is waiting for to to get up and running!

Step 2 - Sell

2. Sell to local businesses

You don’t need to be some amazing salesperson. The promo tools offer huge value to any kind of retailer looking to engage their customers and attract new ones. You’ll look like a marketing innovator in your local business community.

Step 3 - Earn

3. Make money

You set your prices. You keep 100% of the profits. It’s your brand, your company. Sweep Surge has designed the framework to give you true freedom in running a seriously profitable business.

An evergreen business-ready to go

There’s no better business model than selling a continuity-based service, and that’s exactly what these great promotional products are. Businesses will pay you a monthly fee to utilize your products. Once they’re on board, that’s get paid every month, automatically. This opportunity offers you as close to a “set it and forget” business model as possible!

Scale it however you want. Earn some great money on the side, or leave your less-than-exhilarating job and finally join the proud ranks of the self-employed. You decide how to run your business!

Find out what you could earn.

Number of customers?
It's totally up to you!

How much will you charge?
SRP $100/month (adjust based on your market)


Monthly revenue


Annual revenue


For illustration purposes only. Sweep Surge does not make guarantees on how much you will earn.

It really couldn’t get any easier (or quicker) to have your own business up and running. A business that not only offers you practically unlimited earning potential, but benefits your local community as well. Everybody wins!

Sweep Surge gives you:

  • Complete technical support The software is designed and ready to go. And your expert-designed business website gives you instant credibility. You don’t have to code or program anything.
  • Completely white label products Once you begin, this is not a “Sweep Surge” business-it’s your business. Your customers don’t see anything related to Sweep Surge, they see your brand.
  • 100% profits Sweep Surge takes no “cut” of your sales. You just pay us a low, fixed monthly fee for using the platform.
  • No experience necessary You don’t have to be the Wolf of Wall Street to get customers on board once they see the possibilities for their own businesses that you are offering.

On top of all this, you get to claim your exclusive territory. Choose your zip codes, and you have them on lock down. No one else will have access to your sales territory.

This is a huge advantage, but also something you need to consider if you’re interested in this low cost opportunity. Get started before someone else begins being the hero to your local business community.

Unlimited upside

Where else can you find a done-for-you business model offering so much opportunity and freedom?

This is a no-brainer for the aspiring entrepreneur. There is opportunity all around you. It is absolutely possible to make your own hours, determine your own earning potential, and actually live a life of freedom.

You owe it to yourself to learn more today.

Sweep Surge Franchise Reviews

Once I signed up, the process was pretty easy. I really like the website they build for you, it's super professional. Businesses really love the software which converts to me making money. Recommended. Taylor Johnson - April 22, 2018
The business looks good, but my zip codes were already taken so I didn't get to try it. Andrew Wells - April 8, 2018
I never thought about text messaging for marketing. But man, it really helps businesses earn more money which makes it easy to sell. Once I'm able to explain it to them, they really get it. I'm hoping to quit my job by the end of the year. James Blackwell - February 5, 2018
Overall I've been quite happy. It took me a few months to get the earnings up as high as I wanted, but now things are going really smooth. I can suggest getting the annual plan as it takes a while to get in the groove and it's way cheaper. Andrea McPherson - November 6, 2017
What can I say, Sweep Surge helped me earn enough to quit my job. The software is actually useful, so I feel confident selling it to local businesses. If your'e serious and want something real, this is for you. Chris Allen - September 30, 2017

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