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Setup Your Own SMS Sweepstake Marketing Business In Just 10 Minutes!

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Easy, Recurring Income For You! Help Local Businesses Run Sweepstakes To Build Their Marketing Lists & Sell Their Products

Build Your City's Most Effective Sweepstake Marketing Business – No Experience Needed & Zero Technical Skills Required

Are you looking for an easy, turnkey marketing opportunity you can start for less than $10,000?

Sweep Surge offers you the chance to make money off one of the most effective sales methods in retail – sweepstake promotions!

If you’re able to use a web browser and everyday apps like Google and Facebook you’re good to go. Sweep Surge’s turnkey program takes care of everything.

Launching your own Digital Sweepstake Marketing Business has never been easier.

smart sweepstakes products SMS

How It Works

It’s super simple. You sign up local businesses for your digital sweepstake services and then manage their needs through an easy to use (and totally turnkey) web-based software suite.

Everything is white labeled, which means it's 100% your business.

This also means that you can set any price you want and you get to keep 100% of the profit your business generates. You simply pay Sweep Surge a fixed monthly fee for using their platform.

smart sweepstakes products

Some of the services you can provide to your clients include:

  • SMS Surge: Users enter your customer’s sweepstakes with a text message. Winners are automatically selected and notified via SMS. This is a great method for your customers to accumulate a list of phone numbers to market to in future.
  • Email Surge: Users enter your customer’s sweepstakes with their email address. Includes a personalized landing page, customer branding options, Mailchimp integration and automatic winner selection and notification. This is an awesome way for your customers to build their mailing lists for future marketing.
  • Insta Surge: The cool new way to market online. Allows users to enter a sweepstake through the hottest social media platform. Help your customers gain followers and create a buzzing online presence.

Best of all there is no need to learn how to program, Sweep Surge manages everything for you!

What Other Entrepreneurs Think About Sweep Surge:

smart sweepstakes products

I set my own schedule and help small businesses grow. I'm a bartender by trade and I've always wanted to start my own business. I needed something that was flexible and didn't cost much to get started. Sweep Surge was the perfect opportunity for me. Now I get to choose my own hours and have the freedom I've always dreamed of.

-Chris Allen – St. Paul Sweeps (St. Paul, Minnesota)

The Bottom Line

Sweepstakes are often overlooked sale boosters but they work! Retailers know this, most marketing businesses don’t!

This is why Sweep Surge is such a great low-cost opportunity for a smart entrepreneur.

Potential customers are all around you! From retailers to service businesses, you can work with anybody who sells directly to customers.

Why wait? Sweep Surge only works with selected partners in every area (i.e. you get exclusive territory). Get in on this opportunity today...

Sweep Surge Franchise Reviews

Once I signed up, the process was pretty easy. I really like the website they build for you, it's super professional. Businesses really love the software which converts to me making money. Recommended. Taylor Johnson - April 22, 2018
The business looks good, but my zip codes were already taken so I didn't get to try it. Andrew Wells - April 8, 2018
I never thought about text messaging for marketing. But man, it really helps businesses earn more money which makes it easy to sell. Once I'm able to explain it to them, they really get it. I'm hoping to quit my job by the end of the year. James Blackwell - February 5, 2018
Overall I've been quite happy. It took me a few months to get the earnings up as high as I wanted, but now things are going really smooth. I can suggest getting the annual plan as it takes a while to get in the groove and it's way cheaper. Andrea McPherson - November 6, 2017
What can I say, Sweep Surge helped me earn enough to quit my job. The software is actually useful, so I feel confident selling it to local businesses. If your'e serious and want something real, this is for you. Chris Allen - September 30, 2017

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