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Video Testimonials Are Like Gold For A Business’s Marketing.

With This Business Opportunity, You Get To Provide Them With The Ultimate Tool To Mine This “Gold.”

There is no shortage of studies or stats that show how much more effective visual content is over text. And nowhere is this more the case than with customer testimonials.

Testimonials have been shown to:

  • Make a more emotional connection
  • Be more memorable
  • Build trust more effectively
  • Get shared way more often on social media

You can probably confirm this just from your own experiences online.


Most small businesses still don’t realize how effective this tactic is.

Whether it’s just not on their radar, they underestimate the effectiveness, or they perceive recording professional-looking video as too difficult, many businesses simply don’t leverage this proven asset.

Now you can run a lucrative business that:

  1. Makes small businesses aware of how powerful video testimonials are
  2. Provides business owners with an app that is super-easy to use in capturing their customers at their happiest moments!
90% of consumers admit that their buying decisions are influenced by testimonials. Now you can earn easy income just from providing an app that makes capturing video testimonials easier than ever before.

Crazy Effective Marketing & Social Sharing Ability!

TestimonialsNow is a mobile app that allows anyone to capture, show, and share testimonials from happy clients to build more trust, win more business and make more money.

As a licensee, you get:

  • Exclusive Territory - no one else can work in the area you claim
  • No limits on the number of businesses you can enlist
  • Income flexibility - you choose the price point at which you enroll
  • A simple platform to use and demo
  • To offer a platform that tailor-makes videos for social media posts
  • Full training on every aspect of the app

The TestimonialsNow app easily uploads videos to multiple linked social media accounts via a content creation wizard. It’s not only way more efficient that just basic cell phone video, but it won’t get mixed up in clients’ personal files.

A Business Opportunity That Sells Itself?

Maybe the coolest and most unique feature of TestimonialsNow is that you can do a live demo anytime, anywhere right from your own cell phone!

Say you’re out at a cool coffee shop or restaurant. You’re really enjoying your experience, and you check out their social accounts to discover no video testimonials. You could perform a demo right there in a matter of a few minutes and show just how fast and easy it is to get the most persuasive testimonials for any business.

No need to be some “master salesman.”

All you have to do is figure out how much you want to charge for their monthly subscription... which all goes directly to you. There's just a small monthly licensing fee you pay to cover the upkeep of the app. And this fee can pay for itself with just one sign up.

Plus, once you enroll a business to use TestimonialsNow, that’s it! There’s nothing more you need to need to do besides collect your monthly revenue.

If you have any interest in offering this powerful form of marketing to local businesses, why not get some more info?

As mentioned above, each licensee gets territory exclusivity. So if you’re interested, the sooner you can check your area’s availability, the better.

It doesn't matter if you’re looking for some nice side income or looking to expand into a full-time gig, TestimonialsNow offers a crucial game-changer to businesses. You just have to put it in front of them.

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